If you are feeling like yourself or a loved one may have an issue with any of the areas listed to the right side, we offer formal and informal evaluations in all of our areas of intervention in order to identify if further treatment is required. Please contact us for an evaluation appointment.

During evaluation, we will discuss any concerns you are having about you or a loved one. We will ask questions that will give us the information we need to determine if there is a need for further recommendations.

Also, the evaluation includes personalized, in depth process of gathering necessary information that includes an interview of the patient and/or the caregiver, informal assessment procedures, results and interpretation, diagnostic data, treatment plan of care, and any further recommendations.

At the end we will discuss further treatment and intervention or we may decide to administer further formal testing or outside referrals. If treatment is recommended, we can work together to decide the next step, which is to develop a personalized course of treatment.